V annual conference on als
April, 6—7. 2019
Presentations and reports
Developments in work of Live Now foundation and ALS Service
Natalia Lugovaya, Director General of Live Now foundation (Moscow)
The results of new clinical investigations in ALS therapy
Christian Lunetta, MD, principal investigator of NEuroMuscular Omnicentre (NEMO)
Improvement in prognosis of ALS and the quality of life: proven methods
Lev Brylev, Head of Neurology Department Moscow City Clinical Hospital after V.M. Buyanov, Medical Director of the Live Now foundation
ADEVASC: investigation's results and prospects of registration
Alexey Vasiliev, Moscow Neuroscience Research Centre
DNA diagnostics: Do all people with ALS need genetic analysis?
Fedor Conovalov, Biologist, Founder of Laboratory of Clinical Bioinformatics (Moscow)
Most common problems с глотанием и речью при БАС: чем поможет логопед
Natalia Shirokova, Speech therapist, Expert of the Live Now Foundation (Moscow)
Самые распространенные проблемы с глотанием и речью при БАС: чем поможет логопед
How to avoid critical conditions with swallowing and breathing disorders
Elena Lysogorskaya, Neurologist, Researcher at Scientific Center of Neurology, Ph.D., expert of Live Now Foundation (Moscow)
Educational initiatives of Live Now Foundation
Vera Demeshonok, Neurologist of the Palliative care Office, Director of the ALS service, GAOORDI Medical Clinic (St. Petersburg)